Mom's Candy Gift Basket

Happy Mother's Day Gift Basket
SKU: Mom
Size: 8 Inch Wicker Basket!
Filled With: Tasty Candy & Fun Stuff
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Want to make Mom smile for Mother's Day? Give her a gift that keeps mooing for heifer and heifer. This Mom's Candy Gift Basket is filled with treats to put mom in a lovable moo'd! Plus soft toy and a fun cow magnet! Get your graze on, such heart-warming gift baskets are sure to popular with moms anywhere!

The Mom's Candy Gift Basket has the following items:

1 Uddderfingers
1 Plush Cow
2 Cow Pie
5 Mini Cow Pies
1 Cowtown Cookies
1 Moo Magnet
1 Wicker Basket
1 Happy Mother's Day Message Stick.

Each of our Cow Gifts baskets are poly wrapped. Your basket may vary slightly from the picture shown above.

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