I Love You Gift Basket

I Love You Gift Basket
SKU: 612-Set
Size: 8 Inch Wicker Basket!
Filled With: Tasty Candy & Fun Stuff
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For little ones, loved ones and the object of your desires! Birthdays, Mother's Day or Valentines, they'll all be like a cow with two tails! Our I Love You Gift Basket is filled with treats to get them all in a lovable moo'd! Tasty candy and soft toys to cuddle! Get your graze on, such heart-warming gift baskets are sure to popular with friends and family members!

The I Love You Gift Basket has the following items:

1 Uddderfingers
1 Plush Cow
1 Cow Pie
5 Mini Cow Pies
4 Cow Tails
1 Moo Chews
1 Moo Magnet or Bottle Opener
1 Wicker Basket
1 I Love You Message Stick.

Your basket may vary slightly from the picture shown above.