Read what customers say about SimplyBovine!

My daughter loved her cow on the bicycle planter...I planted clantro in it before giving it to her. She has loved everything I've gotten from y'all. I am sooooo glad I found you!
-Jackie Archambault 

We enjoy ordering items from SimplyBovine.com, Our orders come very fast. Thank you
-Lendall Washington

 I have ordered many times before...everytime no problems with quick shipping.
-James Watt, Jr.

 Very pleased with the 3 items I purchased, and my daughter was very pleased with them too. Great service!
-David McClure

 My order arrived in time for my friend in Florida, and everything was fine. She really liked the cow calendar, and the little cow figure scrub pad holder. Thanks for your assistance.
-Marietta Smith

 Our granddaughter (age 9) was very excited to receive her calendar on Christmas morning. She and I spent 5 days at the county fair in her area in New York this past September. She got to feed a guernsey calf and take it for walks. She also saw a calf just a few minutes after it was born. Very exciting time. The calendar will remind her all year of the fun and exciting "cow" time she had at the county fair. The calendar also arrived on schedule and in great condition. Thanks.
-Arlene Lopes

 Arrived on time...looked great!
-Lorna Hurl

 Everything arrived safe and sound. The ornament's on the tree, coffee is in the mug and the slippers are keeping my tootsies warm. I've collected cows since I was 15. I once had a Christmas tree that was all cow ornaments and even cow lights. I lost all of it in a flood 2 years ago, so I'm rebuilding now. Thanks to your site, I'll have plenty of choices in the years to come. I've got to run- it's time to make Gingerbread Cows.
-Sandy Mullen

 Good job! Fast service!
-Robert Messias

 My order was complete and arrived a lot sooner than I was expecting. Your web site is easy to order from. I will be ordering again from you. Good "Cow" place to order. Thank you very much!
-Nancy Francis

 Easy order process. Fast delivery! Correct order, and packaged with care! Thanks so much, sent my Wisconsin magnets to New Zealand, England & Hawaii so they went Far!
-Brooke Radke

 I was totally satisfied with my purchase of a Christmas cow ornament for 2012. She looks great on the tree and was accepted by the herd! I'll be back next year.
-Susan Erickson

 You are terrific, you care and you take your work seriously in making sure your customers are happy. Thank you.
-Bonney and Jim Howard

 Super Job! Thank You.
-Judith Johns

 Very satisfied. Thank you.
-Allan Ziegler

 I was thrilled with how quickly my order was shipped out. It arrived so fast and better quality than I expected! Very pleased with the product. Thank you.
-Karen France

 My order arrived in perfect condition, and I love the new additions to my "herd". Thank you so much for this wonderful website for us cow lovers!!!
-Diana Shatswell

 Awesome service. Delivery was speedy. Thanks Again!
-Spenser Hunt

 I received my order today. Thank you for it. All items are there and look great.
-Kevin Miller

 Thank you for standing behind your product. Look forward to more orders and I will let my friends know what a GREAT company you are. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
-Melvin Frame

 Just wanted to let you know that everything with the order was perfect!! The T-shirt is a gift for my son's friend for Christmas, can't wait to give it to him, he will love it because he loves everything COW!!
-Frances Maillet

 Great product... Great service... Thanks!!! :)
-MJ Church

 I have received our order - Thank you for being so helpful. I am looking forward to my daughter arriving home from school to see how gorgeous her party decorations are. Thank you again.
-Sally Paterson

 You are wonderful! I loved the products I ordered and your service was outstanding. Keep up the good work!
-Kelli Walker

 Loved the Australian cow!!! Keep up the good work.
-Jenny Barker

 Thank you for the quick turnaround.
-Jay Fusciardi

 My name is Tarianne Babicz and I placed an order with you a couple weeks ago. I wanted to let you know that everything arrived safely and in great condition. I have a daughter who is a 2nd year vet student at Mississippi State University and she is specializing in large animal—dairy medicine and she was absolutely THRILLED with everything! The students are always looking for scrubs or surgery caps with cow print on them. She immediately shared your website with her fellow large animal med students and they were all excited to see your offerings. I will be reordering in the future, most likely before Christmas time. Thank you so much!
-Tarianne Babic

 Very please with my order - I'm sure I will visit your site again in the future. THANK YOU
-Judith Sharp

 Thanks for the order. Really like the shirts.
-Vicky Orth

 Simply Bovine always packs orders carefully and ships them out quickly. I usually get your orders in even before something I order from Amazon! There is not one aspect I have disliked about how you conduct business so far and I greatly appreciate all that you do.
-Brandon Porter

Simply Bovine does an excellent job on informing costumers of new items and events through your e-mail newsletter!
-Lydia Sherman

Great Customer Service & wonderful products at Simply Bovine!!!
-Carey Burton

Simply Bovine provides an excellent service that keeps my bovine loving girlfriend happy (which in turn keeps me happy)! It's the one stop shop for everything bovine at the best prices!
-Paul Pettengill

You have great gifts! My boyfriend hit a cow with his motorcycle and i'm having a cow themed birthday party, your stuff is perfect!
-Erin McCabe

Simply Bovine has always done a fantastic job on every order I have placed. Keep up the good work. You guys are moovelous.
-Lynne Reed

Simply Bovine has a MOOvelous web site. Also excellent customer service, and prompt delivery.
-Debbie Peterson

I have a group of friends who meet every year in June. We call the event "Cow Days." Each year we exchange cow related gifts. Your website offers me the chance to find unique gifts on a grand scale. I'm also decorating a table for an uncoming hospitality dinner at church using a "Cow" theme. I am so glad I was able to find your website.
-Darnell Bullins

Simply Bovine has the GREATEST selection of cow merchandise. The most of any other website I've ever seen. I can always find something new at simplybovine.com. I love cows!!
-Michelle Garmun

Simply Bovine sends fun emails. Always like the puns!
-Donna Dione

Simply Bovine does well in always having a variety of cool and unusal cow items in one place, that would otherwise be hard to find. If it could be imagined, chances are good it will be found here.I love this site, there have been things I have looked for and not able to find elsewhere. And I love the fact that you guys are always adding new things to the site :).
- Chris Howes

I have show calves and love all cattle decor but you cant really find it anywhere so I appreciate that you always have a good selection of quality items thats not to expensive. Simply Bovine your the best!!!!
-Cassiday Thompson

Simply Bovine stocks REALLY adorable cow merchandise. It makes my cow obsession hard to deal with ;)
-Megan Fargason

You guys have great variety and shipping is always quick.
-Amanda hawkes

Simply Bovine provides a wide selection of cow merchandise in one convenient location that would take hours to scavage from across the web.
-Craig Silvey

I received help from customer service and enjoyed the quality of merchandise.You have a wide variety of merchandise to choose from.
-Lisa Myers

I am a COW Fanatic! I love all the unique stuff I can find on Simply Bovine!! Keep up the good work.
-Sharon Sayre

Simply Bovine does cows very well. They provide cows to wear, play with, display, and enjoy. They sell cows at a great price, and they ship you your cows quickly. They also make it very easy for me to answer the question "What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?". Cows!
-Diana Shatswell

I abosolutley LOVE ur company.. I have been a cow lover for over 20 yrs now & the products that I have purchased from ur Company have been MOOvelous.. I'm Over the Moooooon!
-Sherri Preston

Simply Bovine does just this simple thing ... you make me happy just by the mere fact of seeing your cow produts. I am a cow addict and I am so greatful that you have this wonderful merchandise. Keep it up my dear cow enthusiasts!
-Joanna Espinueva

Just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the order I placed on Sunday. Today is Wednesday & we just received the package. . . such quick shipping! Thanks for helping us make this a great party for my daughter. 
-Traci Ziegler

We received the order and we appreciate the timeliness of it!
-Wendy Bloom

Thank you, the best online services that i have had ever! Received the replacement yesterday. Will order from you again.
-Tri Cao

Thanks for your help with this order, and for your great service. The items arrived, and are super! Love the pencils.
-Debby White

Thank you very much for getting this shipped out as quickly as you did. I appreciate it very, very much.
-Rob Stahl

Thank you so much for the quick reply.
-Julie Crossgrove

I just received my very first order of merchandise yesterday and I wanted to tell you how delighted I am to have found your company on line. I'm so happy with your products and timely delivery. Thank you so much.
-Laura Wehrlie

Thank you so much for sending my order so quickly!!!!!!!
Have a great day!
-Maria Leary

Thank you sooooooooooooo much:-) I so appreciate you keeping me updated. God bless.
-De De Maciasz

Thanks for the great service over the years. Keep up the good work!
-Brian McFarland

Thank you very much for your great service. I received the replacement of my order. My boss loves it. Thank you for the candies too! =)
-Tanny Tang

Thanks so much. That is no problem. It was a pleasure doing business with you.Thank you for giving such wonderful customer service, you do not see that much anymore.
-Stacey Wendt

I just want to thank you for such great items,my wife is gonna love them...I bought them for her for Christmas. Thank you Thank you soo soo much. and thank you for replying back. This is such a great company.
-Chris Staggs

You guys are the greatest company to deal with. I will order more in the future.
-Dean Sommer

Thank you for the moooooovelous cow items and service!!
-Carolyn Daries

Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience.
-Mary Perkins

Thanks so much, great to order from you!
-Michael Snyder

I would like to thank you for sending the 2 cow pen sets. They were in great shape!! You did a wonderful job packing! Again Thank you,
-Cindy Rhoderick

Got the candy today - it arrived at the mail room Friday and they brought it over today and the ice blocks were still cold .. the candy is perfect thank you so much ... for all the help!
- Mary Schiffer

The apron I ordered is fantastic - will give as a birthday gift to a cow lover who moved to Madison from Florida. :)
-Joan Richner

I love you site. I LOVE COWS. I have been looking for a site like your for years. Thanks!
-Christine Wlf

Received my order today ... could not have asked for a better transaction! Ordered on Tuesday, received on Friday, packed exceptionally well, high-quality merchandise ... will definitely do business with you again! Have a Moo-arvelous Day!
-Angela Wilkinson

I just had to comment on the great quality of the products I purchased from your company over the years.
- Diane Bitler

I just wanted to take another moment to thank you for helping me with this. It's not often that an online order receives such personal attention.
-Sheila Papaleo

Thanks for having super cow items!! I finally found things that I have been looking for for my daughters cow-themed birthday party!!
-Jennifer Syme

Thank you so much! I received the mug yesterday afternoon and it is in perfect shape! I really appreciate your help.
-Kristen Lahey

I just want to say this is a very good, well-run website! It was so easy to order, I immediately decided to place a second order. Thank you!
-Lynn Jordan

Just received the package. Thanks so much for your prompt response and shipping!
-Rina Perham

What can I say. I have dealt with some professional companies in the past, and they are simply like a breath of fresh air, but your company takes the cake! From the moment I purchased my wife's new Moo Cow Clock online, to the moment it arrived at my door, I have been amazed at the professionalism and "on time" performance your company presents.

My item came packed as if it was a rare treasure (and to my wife who has been looking for a moo cow clock for years, it was!), free of any damage and worked perfectly right out of the box.

Your company is an excellent representation of what an American company should be like, and I am honored to have done business with you.

Warm Regards,

James L. Perlowski Jr.

Thanks for the personal attention to my email. It speaks highly of your customer service.
-Jennifer Johnson

I just want to tell you how much our guests loved the "Udder Cream" I ordered from you. It was a big hit at my party. I had my annual Chinese New Year's party and gave out the cream as the goodie bag. Your stuff was very helpful when I called. Originally I ordered cow piggy banks but you didn't have enough. The lady who answered the phone went through everything on the site and found the cream for me. Also made sure they arrived on time for my party. Thank you for all your help. I will highly recommend you to all my friends. Have a great year!
-Liang Schwartz

You guys are udderly terrific! Thank moo! :)
-Barbara Luszcz of Weeki Wachee FL

Wow you are fast processing orders! Thanks!
-Mary Savani

Thank you very much for your generosity in such hard times. My nephew (2 years old) is crazy about cows and your products and I was glad to have found your website. Thank you.
-Janet Rowland 

Mooie Christmas too all of you at Simply Bovine too- we LOVE your website! -and we LOVE Moo Cows!!!!
-David Brown

I was greatly surprised upon opening and inspecting the items I purchased from Simply Bovine. I'm generally a bit iffy on buying stuff off line, though with this purchase I was satisfied 110%! I ordered the kitchen towel/pot holder/oven mitt set for my stepmother for Christmas. The quality of the fabric is highly more then what I had expected to get, and just the overall quality of everything. I just wanted to say thank you for offering these quality items for the bovine lovers out there. I'm sure my stepmother will love the new additions to her kitchen!

-Nook of Richmond, Indiana

Thanks for being so affordable! You have the best prices compared to like items from other web sites!
-Sarah Hodgson

Got the package, everything is adorable for the party! Thanks!
-Renee Sanders

I have ordered from your website in february and with the ease of your shopping cart I was able to print off my wish list for my husband. He ordered very recently (for Mother's Day and my Birthday) and I am pleased with both shipping orders. They were fast, perfect condition, as described, and I love ALL my items I have received. my family knows how much I love cows, and cow printed items and just because the decorator says holstein print is out doesn't mean it is in my eyes. (LOL) We use the paper towel/napkins holder everyday. I received the new cow print hobo purse. I LOVE IT!! My boss asked me if it was a Kathy Zealand purse? I told her it is not; she can't believe the resemblance. It looks that sweet and full of BLING!! I love the dish set and the license plates. I can't remember all the wonderful things I have ordered so far. I do have another wish list for my family. LOL Thank you so much for a wonderful store and the updated emails.
-Melinda Kerbel

Wanted to give you and your staff at simply bovine a pat on the back for a job well done. Ordered from your company over Christmas and again on Valentine's day. Everything was as you put it simply bovine. Order arrived promptly and unbroken. Look forward to another order. I don't know anymore if my kitchen/living room is a place to eat and relax or if I should be milking the refrigerator! Job well done keep it up.
-Michael Miller

I am looking forward to purchasing from SimplyBovine again. My order was processed and arrived promptly and was well packaged. Thanks!
-Andrea Hapke

My order was here so fast and in great condition. thanks much for a job well done!
-Teresa West

Your site is a very "happy" site! Just the sight of your home page (which is also the default home page on my computer) elevates my mood and puts me in a positive frame of mind. Keep up the good work!
-Doug McCutcheon

I called the customer service number, I thought there was a problem with my order turns out I was reading my invoice wrong. Anyway your customer service department returned my call with in an hour time frame, they were very curtious and helpful. Most importantly where else can I go to get my cow fix. Love your site and your products. A cow lover at heart. Thanks.
-Melodie A. Friesen

I really enjoy getting your emails!!!! I rarely have time to get out and do alot of shopping. Being a cow care person myself I love to see all the cow items that you carry. Now that the milk prices have started to take a turn for the better mybe I can afford to get a few of your gifts for myself. Thank You again for taking the time and effort to share your products with an old farm hand (well maybe not too old but farming can make you feel that way) lol. Keep up the great job
-Robin A. Simmons

I love all the different things that we can buy from you guys. I'll take a look every so often just to see if there is anything new, and there always is. Love your products and keep new ones comming

I just recently ordered from you for the first time and was very impressed with with the packaging of my order. I ordered a chip and dip tray to give as a gift and was pleasantly surprised that my order can already wrapped in a cow print box with a pick bow. It was a perfect wrapping for the cow lover that I was giving it to. 
-Jen Pleake

My daughter absolutely loved the "cow banana holder"...she giggled when she saw it. She has decorated her kitchen in "COW", and is always looking for something new, so this really pleased her!!! thanks for the great service!
-Barb Thompson

I ordered a gift for my sister and it was promptly shipped and she loves it! Good web site (I never talked to a live person) and follow through on orders.
-Lisa Zinkan

FABULOUS customer service! Your people are super friendly and very helpful.
-Arianne Schneider

Simply Bovine emails are always FUN to read and a lot of the time I visit your site just because it's FUN to check out. And ofcourse, your products are FUN to have or to give as gifts. Besides being fun, I like that your emails are not too frequent and not too infrequent. They're just right. I like the Happy Friday emails. They just cheer me up. I also like that the emails are not too lengthy. You say what you gotta say, show a few product pictures (which I also like) and you know that's enough to make us happy. I like the layout and color scheme of your site, along with the jokes, games and fun items to browse or buy.
- Carrie Aquiningoc

You should consider teaching other online retailers how to put fun & enjoyment into their products and services. You dont just have customers. You have Fans!

I love all the adora-bull bovine items you offer. When I get asked what I want for a birthday or Christmas gift, I just send people a link to your website.
-Diana Dekle

You've got the mooost cow "stuff" I've ever seen
- jane Flanigan

I was looking for a cow chef's hat and apron. I did a random internet search and found your website. I was udderly surprised to find not only the items I was looking for, but so much more! I placed my order immediately and almost instantly, I received my order. I was very mooooved!
- Marilyn Kula

I just recieved my cow purse & I love it!!! It is so durable!!
- Anne-Marie Pudenz

Your website is the greatest thing on earth. My roommate loves cows and you can find just about anything that is possibly available on here. Keep up the good work.
-Barbara Gray

Love your site, my granddaughter is in FFA in high school and shows heifers !!...She is crazy about your site. I will be doing her Christmas shopping here
- Millie Poole

I have been very pleased with your web site. It is very user friendly and I wouldn't change a thing.
-Annette Saylor


I would just like to thank you, I received my parcel today. I am very very impressed with your service! Thank you once again, I will be ordering again from you.
-Regards Rowena

Thank you for your appreciate of we, the cow collectors of the world. My entire kitchen, dining room and most of my office and bedroom are black cow print, and I believe I have almost every ceramic cow figurine - but, the unusual and spectacular are always found at Simply Bovine. I have ordered several times and I'm always tickled to get my package and add the contents to my collections (after I play and check them out). Just wanted to let you know that you have a great site, with really cool stuff, and I wish I was rich so I could buy more. Oh well - I have a nine year old and she's expensive, and unfortunately does not share my appreciation for those awesome spots. Thanks again for providing a place to purchase good cow stuff. Sincerely, -Cheryl Bryant, Austin, Texas

I love the idea of cow shirts!! My whole kitchen is done in cows, and my car has the steering wheel cover and license tag cover!! I need to be covered too!!!!!
-Patty Taylor

My whole house is done in cow products. From my dishes to cow bathroom. It’s done in every room of my house. Cows are hard to find so please keep the products coming.
-Carl DeMoss

-James Burdick

My kitchen is in Black & White cows of all sizes. I loves cows and angels.
-Jackie Molero

Your site is so cute! My daughter loves everything I buy here!
-Jennifer Biscardi

love your site..you have wonderful and unique products!!
-Linda Johnson

Love to browse your site when time allows me to. Still looking for the cow travel coffee mug like you used to carry. Keep mooing along. I love the holsteins in your collection. Thanks for such a great site.
-Donita Hickman

Thanks for coming up with these fun contests. Glad you have more tees in the works. I have been a customer for some time and more so a cow lover for years.
-Kathryn Trahan

I enjoy SimplyBovine very mush. My daughter is a cow collector and I'm looking for her. You have such a nice variety of things.

I think Simply Bovine is a wonderful website, and glad that I found it
-Barbara Parent

I really liked the cartoon "come moo with us" T-shirt. I really like the cartoon cow and would like to see more of it with different sayings.
-Kristin Koterba

When my son was little, if I talked to him by phone, he'd ask, "Is there a cow on your shirt?" And there always was!
-Linda Fleetwood

I'm Auntie Moo Moo. Kinda partial to this shirt!!!
-Maria “Moo” Tomaselli

I love cows!! so I am very happy with web site!
-Denise Barton

LOVE YOUR SITE it great and easy to use
-Michelle Foglio

I think all the shirts were very appealing and interesting. I liked all of them.
-Cindy Sauceda

I love cows and simply bovine!
-Lauren Blumenthal

I love your site and I love cows! All of these shirts are awesome!
-Allyson Strese

I just love all of your cow products. I'm a real cow person.
-Gwendolyn Neel

My sister in law loves cows. I'm not big on them but I always have your website in mind for gifts for her.
-Carrie Aquiningoc

I am thrilled with your newsletter. Needless to say I'm crazy for cows and never have enough! Keep up the good work. I love all the new and unusual things.
-Lynn Ann Cowles

I have a houseful of cows and love to wear cow shirts.
-Judy Ring

Cows Rule! Your website is great!
-Bonnie Acquistapace

I think this is the best cow site every. I would really like to win on of the T shirts because we don't get any cow T shirts like these in Australia.
-Jenny Barker

What the Moo!" is good, NOT What's the Moo. You need the back of shirts with cow behinds!! How about "Cows Rule!" We could give you many more GOOD cow shirt ideas!! "Dont have a cow", no good, we love cows.
-Phyllis Fisher

I am so happy that you are getting t-shirts I love cow shirts I hope you get more in the future.
-Diann Anastas

You should sell all of the shirts! They're all moo-riffic!!!!
-Joan Walton

I love your site. I can always find what i'm looking for on it. Keep up the good work.
-Melissa Fontana

All the T-Shrits are great. Was hard to pick just one
-Doreen Dutcher

I love your site, I can't believe that there are that many cow items out there.
-Holly Smith

I love your cow items You are wonderful!!!!
-Cindy Collins

You have wonderful merchandise.
-Melody Regalado

I love your web-site. Keep up the good work. MOOOO on
-Robert Logue

I love your website
-Sheila Alvey

My daughter is a cow fanatic! We love tyour items!
-Tiana Jorden

I have been a SimplyBovine customer for a while, and am happy be able to have an opinion on items
-Michael Anderson

Love these shirts! My son in law is a dairy farmer so I am always on the hunt for new cow things to wear when I go to visit.
-Wendy Larson

I love cow stuff. Your site has alot to offer. Would love to see a link to hard to find items. You have the best cow site.
-Shelly Betlej

Love you site, I'm crazy for cows! :o)
-Samantha Boise

Love the site. Love cows.... thanks for having such cool stuff :) !!!
Debi Hammond

My 12 year-old son Max fell in love with cows when we visited a dairy farm/bed and breakfast in PA many years ago. (We go every year - this summer will be our 9th!)Some of the milkers have actually let him help with the milking and he is thrilled to do it. He has cow wallpaper on his computer, and his IM notification is a moo sound
-Vicki Lindsay

Love your stuff - My daughter-in-law is a cow fanatic and it is difficult to find things for her. You are wonderful
-Linda Haas

great site and products
-Adina Weinstein

I love your web-site!! I have not ordered from it, yet....
Please, try to get a variety of cow kitchen towels & dish rags....
-Sheri Flesher

-Kathleen Murphy

I love to moo.....I'm 4 years old and mommy said I could win
-Jesse Shedd

What a great contest, I love all the shirts
-Kris Dudoich

I think all of the shirts were really cute! It was hard to make a choice
-Diane Nichos

Love your site and love your products! There is always something new and lots of fresh and fun ideas!
-Judy Oates

Dear SimplyBovine, I just happen to stumble upon your web site one day while flipping thru the internet looking for cow items. I can't believe how much stuff you have on cows. I only fell in love with cows within the last year and I can't believe I didn't pick up on loving this wonderful creature earlier. Now anytime I need a quick pick me up, I just go to your web site and find something, anything cow. My friends and co-workers buy me cow items now and I tell them I hope you shopped SimplyBovine. Your service is prompt and your merchandise is great. SimplyBovine, please keep up the good work and you will keep hearing from me.
-Sharon Cunningham

Dear Simply Bovine: First of all THANK YOU so much for the prompt reply. Now days true customer service is hard to come by. 
-Jennifer Luzzi

Thank you for being so patient and helpful! Your customer service is superior and I will remember that next time I am shopping for my cow loving friend! Thank you again very much, -Deborah Flod

This is my second order from your company...my boyfriend loves it..he's an avid cow collector and what a better place than yours to do my christmas shopping for all cow items for my boyfriend!
-Eleanor Rowe

Good morning Ron. Thanks for the items - they arrived yesterday, perfect timing. What great products! I am so happy. Will be ordering again from you for Christmas for sure. If you have an email newsletter, please include me. Thanks again! :)
-Laura DiSalvo

Got the cow Christmas Cards. I like them. The order came promptly. I
appreciate the fast service. Keep up the good work. Have a mooful day!
-Kathy Schrecengost

Received my placemats and they are perfect, exactly what I wanted. Your shipment was very speedy and thank you for everything. I have collected black and white cows for about five years and have about 80 or 90 so far. You have a lot I don't have so I will be coming back to order soon. Thanks again I am glad I found you on the computer.
-Liane Crawford

I stumbled across your site via google.com and I am absolutly amazed at how awesome this site is! I love cows so much.. They are infact my favorite animals and they have been for about 2 years now. I have been searching sites for a plush cow flip phone cover and a few sites have had the same one that you have, but a few of the other prices were 19.95, 11.99, 12.56, and 9.99. So, you have beat all of their prices! And your shipping fees are not near as much as the other sites were. I was looking for a comment box to tell you that I have fallen in love with this site and that you are doing a great job with it! All of the cow products are wonderful and adorable.

Thank you for your response. It is good to know that you and your company have great integrity. I will continue to be a loyal customer.
-Nancy Bischoff

I luv cowz and am very greatful to have a web site like this I just want to say thanks for all you give.
-Mikela Barulich

I've enjoyed visiting Simply Bovine. I like the cow games and so much more. I enjoy taking the quizzes and testing my knowledge. The site is excellent.
-Pamela Parris

I love simply bovine it's great !!!!
-Michelle Foglio

I have simplybovine.com as my home page; that should say it all! My favorite website!
-Doug McCutcheon

Love Simply Bovine - LOVE IT!
-Jana Marke

I love simply bovine.com And I also love cows! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COWS
-Micheal Gilbert

I love buying from "Simply Bovine". The best collection of cow items. Great customer service.
-Kat Guerra

I simply love cows! I get great enjoyment out of looking over your merchandise. I just wish I could afford to buy it all.
-Mary Beth Keirstead

When our original family came to America they owned a dairy. So for our annual family reunions we used the cow motif to add a little fun to it.
-Cheryl Cass

Hi! Love the site! I just recently got into cow's, and your site was the first one I found for cow items. You have the best selection I've seen so far. Keep up the fantastic work!
-Nicole Zaborowski

I am a very happy customer! I received my first order fast. And now I'll be receiving another tomorrow. Thank you for making every thing so easy. I've been collecting cows for 12 years. I started at 15. I started my collection in the kitchen. Now it's in the living room and bedroom too. Now that I found your site my collection can grow even bigger all from the comfort of my home. Thank you so much your moovolous!!!!!
- Jennifer Hazlett

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Great selection and the web site is easy to use. 
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- Alicia Hilty

I LLOOVVEE cows! And this website is just what I need! Thanks for helping me with all my cowcraving needs.
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Ron: I appreciate all your efforts. Kindness is a magnificent thing.
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-Muazah Malek

Ron, Thank you so much for all of your help and going the extra step to get my order taken care of.
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Ron, We want you to know that the entire office was hurting from laughter after reading your note that was included with the Bendie Bovine and the mysteriously-placed cow pie! Our producer wants it framed for all to see. You made our day! Your products helped to create a wonderful segment for the kid's TV series we're producing here for the YES Network (The Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network). The show is called "Kids On Deck" -- it's a baseball-themed show centered on the NY Yankees. One of the segments in each episode focuses on a Yankee legend, and all the SimplyBovine products are featured in the Phil Rizzuto piece, emphasizing the use of his favorite phrase -- "Holy cow!" Many thanks again for your help and attention with our order, and thank you for your wonderful sense of humor!
- Beth Hurst, Brisun Productions, Inc.

Thank you for your effort in fixing this issue! The cows where a HUGE success and I was so glad we were able to work everything out!
-Andrea Farrell

Got the placemats today and they look great! Thought you'd like to hear
from a happy customer :)
-June Pell

I received the package. Many thanks for following up for me.
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I placed an order with you on Tuesday morning and to my surprise it arrived on Thursday morning! Uddererly amazing to me but thrilled! The shower was wonderful and she got a lot of nice things but very little in the cow line which she loves. She was so excited when she opened each gift. Ron, thank you so very much!!!! I will remember your website.
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-Donna Hock

Please thank Randy for me, and David all your attention to this order has been wonderful. If the opportunity does arise, I will not hesitate to shop with you guys again. Really great service! I look forward to getting the order and I know with all this great stuff, my daughter will have a wonderful birthday party.
-Susan Karns


Just had to let you know I got the key chains and I love them!!!! I am so excited to be giving these out as little gifts to all my ladies....they are going to be so excited ...Thanks from a very happy customer,
-Gigi Wark

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-Thanks. Ashley Foltz

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-Susan Curry

Thanks for your fast service...this is the second time Ii have ordered from you and I'm very happy with your customer service...I only wish that other online companies were as good.
-John Scull

Thank you. Ada was extremely helpful and professional. I am SO glad you have phone ordering. I checked a few cow-stuff websites, but I am tired of hearing later that something is out of stock, so talking to real people helps.
-Michael Falcon

Simplybovine.com is the greatest cow site in the world. I've been a cow collector for 35 years this April. It's so wonderful to have found a site that carries so many items which are dear to my heart. I can't wait to get some cow products from your site. They will make an excellent addition to my own. Thanks for making my day and not to mention the rest of my life.
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How are we doing? very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, GOOD!!!!!

I love your site!!!! I've been collecting cow stuff for about eight years. I would recommend this site to any cow person!!!! There's so much to choose from, that's what I enjoy, a variety. Thank you.
-Rebecca Harkenrider

I have been enjoying the emails and looking at the website and I wanted to say "moo" and give some feedback. I am an obsessive cow collector. I try to draw the line at "tacky cow" and most of my items are in black and white. Every once in a while there will be an adorable something in brown but, I udderly prefer b & w. I wanted to offer my services for any writing of articles or contributing to the website in any way. I am happy to have a place to go when I think of cows. I have so many cow things that I may be able to share where I have found some of my fun things. I would also appreciate some ideas on what to do with precious cow things I am parting with. Since everyone associates cow items with me, I receive tons of cow stuff. Now that I am married and live in a tiny little townhouse, I don't have room for all of my things. I have doubles and triples of some things and I guess ebay is the way to go. When I am ready to part with my items, I would be happy to offer them to cow lovers first. What are your thoughts? Cows on Parade will be in London in June. I am hoping I will be able to go but, I have to get all my 'cows in a row.' Thank you so much for your website. My wedding reception was all cow. My cake toppers were cows and the material on the food table was cow. I even had a little cow tucked into my bouquet. Of course, my garter was cow. The decorations were all black and white and we used cow confetti. My dad performed the ceremony and we even had the "passing of the large stuffed cow" from my folks to my husband. My grandfather had a dairy farm and the family has milk jars with our name on it. That usually allows people to understand the obsession but, I think I would have loved them anyway. I even adopted a cow at the Chicago Zoo. Thank moo for letting me rattle on and on. Have an udderly wonderful day.
- Gail Broeckel

I was so thrilled to find your site. I have been a cow collector for over 10 years. However, many of my items have broken and with each broken cow a memory ends! But now, I can start another decade of collection with the help of your company!
-Elizabeth M. Aviles

Great item picks!!! I love all the items listed! Great packaging too! A really great site for all cow lovers!!!
-Karen Goodwine

Thanks so much for the prompt delivery! Everything arrived in great shape and it will take all the willpower I have NOT to eat those goodies myself before giving them as gifts! Keep up the good work!
-Sherry Sell

Holy Cow! I thought I'd seen it all but you have some unique and attractive items I've never seen anywhere else be for and I look forward to what turns up in the months to come. I'm "cownting" on you to really surprise me!
-Jan Odegaard

I love this site and its stuff! I think this is the best online shopping site ever!
-Eric Rauch