Warm Me Up Brown Cow

Warm Me Up Cow
UPC: 5060075680335
Size: 12 Inches Tall!
Features: Warm Me In Microwave
Scent: Gentle Lavender
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Warm Me Up Cow,

The Warm Me Up Cow is a great heifer to have around. If you have tired or sore muscles, simply warm this cow up in the microwave and apply to where you want relief. Comes with a gentle scent of lavender. For first time use, we suggest you warm it up in the microwave for 1 minute and then in 15 second increments until the desired temperature is reached. DO NOT OVERHEAT and do not heat for more than 2 minutes. Only heat in a microwave oven, do not heat in a conventional or toaster oven. Only heat from room temperature and allow to return to room temperature before reheating. To cool, place in a freezer bag and freeze for several hours. Only use under adult supervision.


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